Mando Blues and the Omega Lab is the place to be!

When I read this I was not totally sure what I was getting myself, and my band, into:
When planning your trip to Omega Lab – the studio where we will be recording, please keep these things in mind:

*The studio is in fact inside a tent complex.
*Dress in layers as the temperature could change during the show
*There is no Air Conditioning
*Wear shoes that can handle mud and dirt.
*Bug Spray in the summer is a good idea.
*A flashlight is not a bad idea.
*While there is a toilet in the vicinity, it is advisable to take care of bio breaks prior to arriving

We met at the clandestine rally point of the Loveless Cafe and it was immediately good to be back in the atmosphere, or as close as I was to get this night, of Nashville. Following our host, Whit, through the rainy darkness of the night we went up a hillside road and into the woods. We parked next to, as described, a tent facility, yet still this is a broad understatement. If the Omega lab is a Tent Complex then it is the mother of all Tent Complexes.
Once inside we met everyone, Rob, Bo, and Hunter who were the coolest most down to earth cats I have had the pleasure of meeting. This is like stepping into a version of MASH except the improvised martinis and post surgical gore was replaced with a full-blown professional studio and a staff that was there to make the magic happen.
The complex, as I was later to learn, was a chain of six military, Gulf War era, tents lashed together and capable of handling wind gusts of 55mph. It was raining and I did not ever got a drop of water on me or my equipment. These guys set us up in record time, knew their tasks like clock workers, and when the place is referred to as a “LAB” this is very appropriate because the recording process is lab-like yet rustic. Imagine a safari or a camping trip but with upscale recording equipment and a wood burning stove that I think could heat a neighborhood.
The show, Mando Blues, is hosted by Whit, our rally point contact, and he runs a smooth ship. The atmosphere while doing it is like hanging out with friends and just doing what you love doing, playing the music you love and sharing it with people. This crew makes sure that the pallet to do such is unencumbered and the process less a process and more like a labor of love with you performing in the middle of it all.
People bounced in and out and it was totally cool. It was that Nashville thing inside a tent. How cool is that?
I commend Whit Hubner and the crew at the Omega Lab for showing us a great time and helping us in our effort to share our music with the world.

Our Show will air tomorrow night, Wednesday Sept. 21, 2011
The show airs on Wednesday nights at 10PM CST and again on Saturday Nights at midnight on WRFN – Radio Free Nashville.

How can you hear it??? heres how…

107.1 on the FM dial in the Nashville area in cyberspace

Public Radio app for Iphones & Ipods

Comcast Channel 10 (sap setting) in Music City


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