Revolutions v. 2.0

V is for Vendetta Baby!
I did not believe that this generation had it in them. (Lord knows mine didn’t, we were the first slackers circa mid 1990’s). I guess when you spend 4-7 years in college, graduate with a pile of debt, and no job you are kind of pushed into a position of protest.
I have watched with rapt attention, read articles, blogs, OP-EDs, looked at cartoons, and caught what tiny bit of coverage the #Occupywallstreet movement is getting on major television news.
Considering that the streets of downtown Manhattan were swollen with people yesterday and that 500 or more were arrested on the Brooklyn bridge I think this is very important news. Why so little coverage? We celebrated and cheered the Arab Spring but what about the American Fall? I am very proud of this generation of young people. I think the powers that be, the real ones, have picked a bad enemy in this generation. They are smart, probably smarter than those they oppose, and obviously dedicated and determined and like what else have they got to do there are no jobs for them. (Note to Corporate Bank villains. If you do not want anarcho youth protesting at your doorway give them a job to go to so they are too busy working to care. hint hint) These are our brightest and best who are willing to exercise the American right to organize and protest and do so with zeal and vigor. I am following the heck out of some of them on Twitter because we need more of this kind of action. Besides I had rather see a bunch of anarchic young folks rally in the streets as opposed to the cast of Golden Girls any day. They are just more fun and edgier.
Keep it non-violent and stay strong there are a lot of us with you.
Shame on you CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and all the others. A woman ran away from her wedding a few years back and it was on the news every hour on the hour. Youth are marching in our streets in numbers not seen since the Civil Rights and Vietnam War marches of the 1960’s.
Either the news directors of these organizations are blind and/or have their head placed somewhere else or they are being “directed” by some other directors, those who hold the purse strings, to not spin this one and let it die.
But the interesting thing, with this as opposed to the movement of the 1960’s, is that it does not require a grasp for the Walker Cronkite nightly news Brass Ring. I have gotten all my updates and reports by people who are on the streets via their blogs and video posts. In the older times you wanted it bleed and for people watching TV to see it. The Civil Rights movement would have never gained traction if people had not seen what some people are capable to do, and will continue to do, to other people if not stopped.
This could be very interesting.

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