#OccupyWallStreet is no joke

When Bob Bogdal and I came up with the concept of our album Zombie Nation we were reacting to some things that we saw tearing our country and world apart. Now some of the best and brightest of our country are taking their message to the streets! I posted on Twitter the title song to the album which is a commentary of all of this in honor of the brothers and sisters on the street. The response has been phenomenal, which tells me people are interested in this thing. Demand that the mainstream media get off their rear ends and get on this story!
This is a serious matter and those that are drawing attention to the wholesale robbery of our country and how the elite class has bought and sold people’s lives like chattel! They are gaining traction daily and I will keep writing about them and making sure the word keeps getting out. Non violent protest is a major force in our country’s history and now its future. Keep strong all you out there on the street. Keep it positive like you have because the world is watching. Your voices are being heard LOUD AND CLEAR!


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