Someone please step up!

The Occupy movement is growing to other cities. I encourage the people who attend these rallies to have coherent talking points in case a microphone is stuck in your face. There are obviously going to be the naysayers but the only way they win with their talk about this being a “communist” movement is if people doing the talking are saying things like “duh I am not really sure why I am here.” Know why you are protesting and be able to plainly state that. Here are some good places to start:
1) Banks are lobbying state’s to gain immunity from prosecution. Attorney Generals in at least 2 states (KY and CA) have begun action to prevent this.
2) Banks received trillions of dollars in relief which were our tax dollars and then went back to business as usual and continued awarding outrageous bonuses to their executives. That was our D&$% money they did that with.
3) The middle class is quickly shrinking in this country. Founding Father’s like James Madison warned against the very thing, concentrated wealth within a small populace, that is happening now and said it would destroy our union.
4) Tell them you want to know where the jobs are. That you don’t want a handout you just want a job!
5) That capitalism is not the problem thievery is and if you steal you have to be held accountable for that. A “FAIR” capitalistic system helps not just the exclusively rich but benefits all people. What we have now is not doing that.

There are a multitude and plethora of other talking points and they are easily discovered if you do your independent research, takes about 30 minutes. What this movement needs is people to coherently step up to the plate and speak truth. Truth is not taxed, bailed out, or stolen, it is what it will always be, truth.


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