The Past and a Dream

What is the difference in a past memory and a dream? This struck me because I could no more re experience my past than I can a dream. Some might say that because you can video/audio capture reality that it proves it is in fact real. But now scientists are being able to recreate people’s dreams as video, are they any more or less real?
Just some weird stuff floating in my brain this morning

2 thoughts on “The Past and a Dream

  1. I feel a dream is more an alternate reality. My son and I both can continue a dream even after we wake up, and we can go back to sleep and continue it also. The things that happen sometimes involve people we have never met, people we don’t think exist. So that seems it isn’t a past memory, but in a dream everything is very much “real” at the time. Thus my conclusion it is an alternate reality.
    I would be embarrassed to relive some dreams by watching video. The fact that they are experimenting is really cool though.

    1. Very interesting post. I have returned to a dream rarely but it was an interesting ride when I did. I have never posited that a dream was an alternate reality
      but that is a very interesting concept and I am a believer in the multi-verse, which is mathematically proven. Thanks so much. Respond often I like to be stimulated mentally with someone’s unique and authentic insight.

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