Skywalker joins the Darkside!

It happened much by accident. I had called some clubs, as a favor, for some friends in a band and referred to myself as their booking agent for lack of a better word and to give them a frame of reference. They needed a gig in and fast and it was in a tough time table, 3 weeks, which is difficult to pull off when most places book 2-3 months in advance at a minimum. So there it was I was being “the man” a role I have often been asked to play and loath but am very good at. Needless to say I got them booked in a couple of days.
Well then someone else called me simply because of a message I left with one of the clubs. So now I am officially in the game. After passing up countless offers, many realistic, in favor of being an artist I am actually going to start using all the smarts I have gained promoting myself over the last 10 years.
My first goal is to define what I am which is not a publicist, promoter, booking agent, web designer, web promoter, radio promoter, producer, engineer, musician, songwriter, etc. etc. etc. I am all of those and need a name that is better than consultant. I think comprehensive artist development.
I do Comprehensive Artist Development.
I like that

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