Beethoven did it so what’s your excuse

There has been an interesting thread(s) lately about this generation and its ability to work hard. I first noticed it of course as usual reading Lefsetz but then came across a prime toilet Tome I refer to often called “The War of Art”, and no I did not have a bout with dyslexia or dementia, it is about the internal War within the real Artist.
Basically the thread I have noticed over the internet is that we have a ton of bands out there who assume that just because they make something passable enough to be called music they should immediately be given the proverbial keys to the kingdom, have their meals brought to them on silver platters, and basically have their arses waxed upon demand. This expectation is in light of the hard work that bands of the pass put solely into their art, before there was even PONG to play in an arcade don’t mind mentioning the internet and all the social media that comes with it. Acts used to practice all day, put up flyers, and do whatever they thought it took to get shows and pack them out.
Now the paradigm has shifted to more emphasis being placed on the other and not the actual becoming great artists.
Ok not to toot my own horn but I used to spends days in a row with my guitar strapped to me for like 9-10 hours a day playing and trying to get somewhere. I can remember having rehearsals in the the dead of summer, TN summer mind you, in July in a warehouse with no air conditioner for hours on end.
Do I think kids are any lazier than others. Heck yes and Heck No. They just do not have the artistic examples, whether this is the medias fault for not exposing them, they are lost in the constant bombardment of internet overload, or if they are just not there at the rate they used to be, but we had guitar gods to look up to and emulate. The Occupy Movement alone has shown me that kids are willing to put the time in on something they believe in so I do not doubt for a minute that there are not bands practicing right now and putting in the time.
The idea that flash can overcome substance is not new either. In the 80’s there was a segment of time where if you did not look a certain way you had no chance. Reference Tom Petty’s adventures in Los Angeles for proof.
At the end there is no excuse for not working. I hear many great bands these days and wonder if they are great due to them actually being worth their muster and bluster or if it is because great has now become code word for good in light of the crap floating about.
I do not know and frankly I have to get back to my Twitter account and update a new show we are doing!

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