Hear comes the Head Chopper off THingy

I titled this what I did for a reason. I could not immediately decide if I knew the correct spelling of the 17th-18th century execution device used to separate ones head from its body.
Guillotine? Not sure
Anyhow with the announcement of the Major labels ceasing the production of CD’s, not a surprise, then it is pretty much officially, if you have not realized that by now, everyone for themselves.
It has been for years but the Majors were able to pump just enough gusto back into the game to make the erudite s believe for a minute or two, or at least until they could parade another silicon inflated sparkler in front up them to get another minute or two out of the mass of them.
Without the production of CDs, ending in 2012 for all major labels, there goes pretty much any need for a record store. Sure Vinyl is cool and neat but I do not see it generating enough muster to do little else but hang on in really, and I mean really, super hip markets. See hipsters and all the regalia that goes along with that phenomenon.
As an artist you better embrace this and make a strategy or pack up and go home. I was planning on giving my next album away anyway so this is super good to me because there is no better vehicle to do that with than the internet.
I wrote a while back about singularity and the death of the CD is what will litter the road to it. Next the death of paper books and then the Golden Cow of Golden Cows, the Movie and TV industries.
What do you think they will hold on? Not a chance.
The only reason the music industry was the first to go was because it was the last to try to do anything to combat the issue of, not piracy, but customer expectation in a new millennium. Oh that and they had been hurting people’s keister’s for years with ridiculously overpriced product that was marked up way out of range with cost.
So there you have it.
Good by CD and hello, fully, brave new world!

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