I am going to be a 100% artist : NEW MOVE

I have realized something in my last few years
I am the bomb at two things
Making music (live but even more so in the studio which retains as much of me live as possible) and promoting it
Those are my two aces in the hole.
I am not good at selling Stuff! I just feel in-authentic doing it. I guess that is why I give so much music away. I just want people to hear it and enjoy it. That is the bulk of it.
So the decision has to be made and I am making it now. I am done making music for any other reason
than to just make it. That was always the reason I made it but after there was all this ramping it up to make it a realized product. No more.
I am going to place a Pay Pal link as a pay what you want… OR NOT
and enter your email for the proverbial keys to the kingdom. I spend too much time doing the other stuff and not enough time doing what I love which is (in this order): being with my family and making music.
Those are about all that I care about doing the majority of the time. So it is time to cut to the chase and just focus on these things. I will probably go with about 4 t-shirt designs if someone wants to rep some Merch and that be the thrust of it. I am sure there will be configuration after configuration of this new model of release but at the end of the day my goal will be to brand bigblackhand.com and Elam McKnight as a place you can always go to get one thing, FOR SURE.
Great Music!
If that is my only goal then I surely cannot go wrong cause trust me on this one ya’ll

** I of course will still promote and help anyone that wants it but also this comes with an entry level qualifier. I have to be into what you are doing. Simple. I will also consider and or seek people to partner with and work with but it will be with the one understanding that the only goal is to make music that is great. That is it. If they want to monetize that in some form of exchange fine but it has to be one that is fair and worthwhile. No more shilling in the model of the OLD GUARD who ruined the industry or made it ruin itself, whichever came first.

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