Tea Party and #Occupy not that different at core

Contention and prejudice cause many great conflicts in this country, Pakcers versus Vikings, Yankees versus Red Sox, and Left versus Right. Putting sports aside I want everyone to examine the basis with which you chose a side and then run that through a checklist of agree or disagree with the following:

Do you agree or disagree with bank bailouts and then many returning to business as usual?

Do you agree or disagree that US Congress can exploit insider trading, make a bundle, and the whole time be in charge of the very legislation that controls the profitability of their stock options?

Do you agree or disagree that corporations should have a unlimited check book with which to pay any amount of money they want to manipulate elections?

Do you agree or disagree that there needs to be a separation of big business and the legislators whose sole purpose is to serve the best interest of the people?

Do you agree or disagree that the middle class should be the main focus of our government right now considering the plight it is experiencing?

Mull over your answers. I think that most people will come to the same conclusions on these and probably many other issues. But let’s just start there.

Some people have already begun the discussion. This is from the AP

At what point do we look past divisive view points, find common ground, and truly take our country back?

Currently there are two major camps within America who have the power, in numbers and will, to make a real “CHANGE” from the current business as usual that has our country in ruins.
It is time that #Occupy and Tea Party members start talking openly and frankly to one another. Not screaming and shouting but putting the true issues on the table and making the necessary moves to deal with them. The time for pettiness is over. The time of us being led around by our noses is over. The time to join together for the future of our children and grand children is now. What better time than now?

I am just naive enough to still believe that Americans have the ability,when faced with a problem, no matter how bad or seemingly hopeless, to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and make the United States of America a better place.

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