I just made the Best Pasta

Sun Dried Tomato Brilliance!
This is an unusual blog for this space but here it goes:
I am no chef nor would I consider myself a foodie only to the extent that I like to eat.
I am frequently trying to make a decent pasta. I discovered a product called Sun Dried Tomato Spread
made by Sun Dry.
Oh man is it good.
So I started out using it on baguette like a bruschetta type thing and then thought hmmmmmmmm
I think hmmmmmmmm a great deal. ‘Wonder how this would do with some pasta?’
I tried it a couple of times in my normal manner and was not completely satisfied. So today I did the following and it turned out so well.
Boiled up some whole wheat spaghetti and made sure it was good and tender. In doing this I also mixed in some Italian seasoning. A real basic dollar store type, just the usual mix and nothing special.
After the pasta had boiled I turned off the heat and covered it, letting it sit covered for 15 minutes.
I drained it and then mixed in about a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and some sea salt. I drained it with a plate and not in a colander to make sure that the seasoning stayed in the mix. Then I took the aforementioned California Sundried Spread and mixed it with the pasta. I used about 3 tablespoons of it.
Wha LA!
I enjoyed it thoroughly Enough so I blogged it.

Wanna Get Mad? Lucky there’s a Family Guy


Patrick Meighan writes for the show Family Guy. If what he says in the above article is true, I do not know Patrick Meighan but do not see a real plus for him to make up such a tale, then we are not living in the place(s) we think we do and all the things that we like to go on and on about, liberty, freedom, civil rights, etc., etc. ad nausea, is a pack of lies intended to make us feel better, kind of like the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus.
If you do not care stop reading right now.

If you do here are a few observations about this article.
1) The way this writer and the others around him were treated is deplorable and I am ashamed that in our country, some, law enforcement officers treat people like this.
2)They zip cuffed people until their hands were blue?
3 They made them kneel on concrete for 7 hours, zip cuffed, before taking them to the jail?
4) The crime with which they were arrested was a misdemeanor and everyone else that day in Los Angeles who committed a similar misdemeanor was fined and let go. All the Occupiers were jailed, fined and had their bail “refused.”
5) Why has no one on Wall Street been prosecuted?

I hope everyone who is interested in a first person view on what happens to Americans who protest, peacefully mind you, when they are detained by law enforcement officials read this. I hope this is the one guy that they regret hurting. I hope he continues to use his words in a powerful way and I hope that police who like to hurt people please stop.