A Myth about Old Stuff: The superiority of Vintage Gear

Vintage gear is great, OK, let me get that out of the way right not. Does it make you sound better? Not so the average listener would know and probably only the most deft of ears would notice the subtle difference, if at all. I own some vintage gear, not prime stuff but things that are sought after. I have recorded through super vintage amps versus a $150 amp, which one did I prefer? The $150 amp.
Just like the new ball glove or the awesome running shoe they are merely tools and it is their user who makes them do what they are capable of doing.
I get tickled, or have been tickled, listening to some gear snob go on and on about some vintage guitar or some boutique effect yet never get down to talking about the actual playing or true use of the thing(s). When one is talking about the skill of becoming a musician or learning the craft of songwriting there needs to be much more talk about doing as opposed to stuff or things, no matter how pedigreed their status. Want to encourage a youngun to become better. Tell them how to tune their $100 guitar and show them all the open chords. Do not tell them that a 58 Les Paul is the only thing worth playing on or they will just get discouraged and quit, thus, possibly, depriving the world of one great song or guitar riff. Something the world can always use.

Now go practice your guitar.

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