Bon Iver says: UH UH

Bon Iver has said they are not going on the Grammy Awards because they worked too hard to be lumped on stage with a bunch of other acts, American Idol style, and good for them!

Ten years ago this was unheard of, short of a major political protest, for a band to snub the Grammy show. The times they are a changing.

I tweeted this the other day:

The nerds are inheriting the entertainment business. They’re stealing it from the guys who couldn’t get a date in high school who put on three piece suits and declared themselves important, but they’re not.

It is a quote from Bob Lefsetz but it is right in line with the bravery of a band telling the establishment to take their show and go somewhere else with it. Kudos to them. Kudos to us all. Wonder why SOPA didn’t pass? The people are too powerful and we need to start empowering each other more.
Imagine if internet had been available in the 60’s? Imagine what it can do now? Scary huh? If you are the establishment, yes.

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