Holy Bat Guano Batman: Our Country is for sale and they are not even hiding the fact!

The FourWhat you need to ask yourself, since the Obama administration’s acceptance of Super PAC fundraising, is not: has the POTUS shown the world that he is prepared to play gamesmanship right along with the wave of coming Super PAC campaigning? True enough he has done this yet this is not the ultimate layer to the onion waiting to be peeled. The Obama campaign knows its history well and what the term “Swift Boat” means. The GOP is in a scratching contest right now but in reality this is nothing more than a charade allowing the spin masters room to do what they do best. The problem is three of the candidates are using kitten claws in the scratching contest and one is emboldened by a gang of rabid tigers with titanium claws, seriously. I am going to be so shocked if Mitt Romney is not the GOP guy I will be at a loss so great it might stop me from thinking for a whole five minutes. Not only is the smart money on Romney but the largest portion of the rest of it as well. Why do you think Super PACs are so important?

It is no great secret: he who spends the most effectively wins. He outspends all the other candidates combined and then some. One can pontificate all day long about Santorum’s appeal to the Midwest and the core conservative values or Ginrich’s smarts and experience or even that Ron Paul may be a bit nutty but “gosh some of the things that nutty guy say make sense.” At the end of the day and this illusion of a campaign it will be Romney and the deep coffers supporting him which will prevail, they already have. The others, in my opinion, are making their case for the next go around, and admirably so. ‘Let’s wind it up and see where it takes us’ kind of planning for the future, 2016 or beyond.

The POTUS knows what is coming and regardless of whom the GOP (Romney) throws at them they had better be prepared with coffers of their own or they will lose. It is simple math which leads to the real issue at hand: the failure of the United States Supreme Court when it ruled unlimited spending towards political campaigns was lawful. There is the issue and the real question which should be bouncing around inside of any sensible person’s mind like a BB in a boxcar: Is our government really that openly for sale? Answer: absolutely!

Has it always been, at least in the last 100 years, for sale to the highest bidder? Of course yet not in such an open fashion, our government is on the auction block and the one who is able to generate the highest bids will win. It will come down to this and always come down to this until ‘we the people’ stop allowing it to happen. Is this a realistic possibility? I am not so sure yet when gamesmanship is so openly practiced and bought it makes me wonder if we were not better off making each candidate dress like a NASCAR driver. At least we would know who is sponsoring the car, it could be, should be, printed right there on their suit coats.

If someone is pointing at the full, bright moon don’t get caught up looking at the finger. The finger is not the moon.


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