Urge Overkill: Singularity Rocks!

I will start off by saying this:
on Twitter.
If for no other reason than this band made one of the greatest Rock n Roll records of all time:
Some of you might know them for their Neil Diamond cover from Pulp Fiction, which is cool and the exposure it gave the band was well deserved. But the recognition the band deserves is for their album SATURATION
I dig all their other stuff but there are two ways I view SATURATION.
First I was an erstwhile college kid when I first heard Sister Havanna, one of the superlative cuts from SATURATION on the college radio station, and was instantly hooked. It was infectious like all great Rock n Roll is supposed to be. It came out smack dab in the middle of the Grunge movement but was not a Grunge album at all and neither was the band’s sound nor image. These cats were rockers and drew no quarter nor asked for any. They set themselves apart and seem to inhabit another part of the ether all their own.
Second as a time piece Saturation stands the test and still, to this day, sounds as fresh to me as it did when I first heard it. It is that freaking good! You get, first, great song writing, which is paramount for any endeavor. Great drum sounds which pummel you but not in a Heavy Metal way but with style and grace. The Crunchiest guitar riffage I have ever come across and just slick and clever arrangements. It has a polish to it which you would expect might dampen the vitality but listening to the work, from beginning to end, as you should all great Rock N Roll Records, still makes me feel like these cats are gonna come bursting out of the speakers and kick somebody in their rear. When somebody says “the bands calling themselves rock bands really don’t rock anymore” are comparing the newer, lamer ones to this Rosetta Stone of ROCK GREATNESS.

I am now going to get their latest and re-listen to all the other stuff I have. I make recommends all the time and can think of no other band I would feel more comfortable turning someone on to, especially SATURATION.

Let me give you an example of how powerful their album SATURATION was to me. I was recording my album SUPA GOOD, we were listening to play backs, and the bass player put it on as we were sitting around and I mentioned the band. He was also a fan. I still, after years of not listening to it, I still knew every word to every song, every break, every guitar solo, and crunchy guitar goodness. That folks is powerful stuff. If I were to do a Rock N Roll album SATURATION would be a place I would start as a primer, it is that good.

Thank you Urge Overkill for being a great Rock N Roll band.

Did I type SATURATION enough?
Get it, learn it, OWN IT!

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