Made to order: Checklist makers and the folly of the 2012 election

Mitt Romney, and also Rick Santorum to a certain extent but not quite as deftly, is made to order. As one of my friends mentioned, and I think he cribbed this from Jon Stewart or Steven Colbert, and if he did not he needs to write for them, “it is like Romney was looking at a book on how to look presidential. Haircut just so. Sideburns this length.” In our assembled, programmed world a candidate like Ron Paul cannot compete with the checklist Makers. And that is the way the powers that be want it. A campaign with Paul versus Obama would be much more competitive than people might think but he does not energize the “core.”

When I use the term Checklist Maker I am referring to those duped by the same tired, divisive issues which separate us all into our camps and do not allow many to reach out of them. Much like a FBI pro-filer hunting a serial killer knows there is a process by which you can cut whole swaths of people from the general population. GOP and DEM stats makers know this too. They also know they have to have a candidate which jingles the jangled so to speak. Without that person the election is bound to be a wash.

This is the bothersome secret the plan makers, the ones who get the check list makers in line, do not want people to know. If they do not energize their core no one shows up and they lose. Same principle is in effect for the POTUS but he is his “core’s” only choice so that ship has been sailing for quite a while now. The GOP is stepping lightly these days, and not so sure footed. It’s collective foot will stamp down for Mitt one day and then edge back and slam down for Santorum the next, and even Paul every now and then. And that pesky Newt will not give up the Gravy and guess what? If he takes the South in the Spring and early Summer things are going to be very interesting.

This is where the beast that is the GOP has let out just enough hate mongering to damage itself come Super Tuesday. Running strictly on hatred for someone will let you down every time. Candidates win elections, lack of them lose elections. George W. Bush, like him or don’t, was a strong candidate, or at least 7 votes stronger than Al Gore. Face it, it was a likability factor and Al Gore has none. And guess who doesn’t either? Any of the GOP candidates. I do not like to be so base but it is a factor and the ones not too busy hating our POTUS like him. Check the polling. It comes down to the independent voter, the undecided, the core has called in their vote a long time ago.

Put Chris Christie or Mitch Daniels in the driver’s seat and POTUS is in a fight for his office. Why? They are likable, at least Christie is. I am not so sold on Daniels, and that makes a difference. Who do you take your car to when it is broken? The guy who is fair and who you like. Not the guy who is fair but who is a turd to you! People like people who are likable and Mitt Romney is not one of them.

Let’s make it simple (and sure he has been in office so that skews this a bit)
Twitter followers:
President Obama 12,562,591
Mitt Romney 339,433
Rick Santorum 129,174
Ron Paul 239,174
Granted POTUS is the POTUS but these numbers are kind of telling. I have over 3,000 and I am not even running for Dog Catcher.

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