Ron Paul Declares War on War on Drugs: FOX NEWS EXCLUSIVE

I gleaned this from

I have noticed that most of their articles are very short and concise. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder why?
Nonetheless it points to a glaring issue, to me, with Ron Paul. The guy is just so interesting and I mean in an old school, real human, exceptional and flawed, warts and all, kind of way. Sure he is nutty but on some things he is so deadly outspoken and nano-level correct you cannot ignore him. Unlike his GOP counterparts. Let me get to that after the first thing: his stance on the war on drugs.
At what point do we get our act together on this? I am not shocked at how easily duped some Americans are considering their sources yet drug addiction, law enforcement failure (were they ever really in the game on this one?) to do one whit of good, and the mounting deaths from this problem should be enough of a harbinger to allow us to drop the old model, or the facade of the old model which made us think someone was actually doing something about the problem.

More people died from drug overdoses last year than in automobile accidents.

We have too many people, leaders on the front lines, on both sides of the fence, conservative and liberal, and across the strata of our country who know, from first hand experience what we are doing has never and will never work at dealing with our drug problem. Just like everything else, with the coming Singularity, it is up to us, as a race of people, to start making the changes necessary to better our world.

Ron Paul is bold in many of his assertions and this is the very reason he will not have a shot, ever, of getting the nod from the GOP, and most likely someone like him, on the other side of the fence, would never get the nod from the DEMS. Why? Because he does not present as a pre-cut cookie. As much as I want to dislike both the Doctors Paul for some of their stances I cannot help but grudgingly admire them for sticking to their guns and being the old and young coot who says what they think and believe and do so loudly. How absolutely American of them. I used to feel a similar affinity for John McCain but he was not as Maverick as I once thought or maybe he should have made a run for the gold when Maverick was still Top Gun era Maverick and not Grand Torino era Maverick.

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