Has ESPN lost its Feng Shui, Kung Fu, Stir Fried Mind? Jeremy Lin is decent for now

Ahhhhhhhhh you might think I am being culturally insensitive yet in light of ESPN’s headline about last night’s Knick’s loss I simply summoned the most random things I could think about Americanized Chinese culture to take a sarcastic stab at them. “Chink in the Armor?” Seriously. How on earth did that ever make it to press or, in today’s world, pass the gatekeeper to the web page? Who is running the asylum over there at ESPN?
First I no longer follow the NBA until the playoffs and usually late into playoff time. It is a joke. It is high paid, glorified pick up ball made up to look like a real game when in reality everyone is either half pacing it, gold bricking, or padding their stats until the games start to really count. Do they play hard? Of course they do but their determination and drive is exponentially increased once we start approaching the big games.
Jeremy Lin is a very exciting player but before all these regular season games he is playing become too important let’s put things in perspective. The NBA has to have a hype machine, someone to vault forward and increase the ratings. His agent was on Piers Morgan last night doing everything short of calling this guy the new messiah of basketball. Hello? He is in his first season doing anything and this thing just got going good. I will not lament the days of Kareem, Magic, Bird, or Jordan even but folks, come on, let him get his team to the playoffs before you hype him off the map. He is good, yet has not done anything to merit the work his publicists have obviously been doing to this point. Take a breath from the Linsanity for a second or two.
But back to the egregious HEADLINE on ESPN. Are you guy’s seriously not watching what people post on a website viewed probably millions of times a MINUTE by the public?
I am now going to order Chinese take out and watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I just love the stereotypical way Mickey Rooney’s character mocks the entirety of Japanese culture. SNARK

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