Mitt Romney Likes Trees

What a difference 2 weeks make.
Rick Santorum is back folks. And I made this ill-informed comment a few weeks back:
“I am going to be shocked if Mitt Romney is not the GOP guy.”
What was I thinking?
Fresh off 3 wins Rick Santorum is acting like Rocky, albeit Rocky from the first Rocky and not the one who fought the Russian. It appears this thing is going to go down to the wire and the media is loving it. Why wouldn’t they? They love it the same way Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and their staff of writers, love it. This gives them so much material. Here is where I might end up going wrong with Romney but I still think he will get the nod:
Gosh some people really do not want to like him. Wonder why? He emits a level of fake pander which seriously scares me.
You like the height of the trees?
I know there are those that insist the contextual significance of this is skewed but come on! He also likes lakes, and not just the big ones in Michigan apparently and oh, also, he likes cars, which just so happen to be made to a large degree in Michigan. The man is from Michigan and Michigan may just become poor Mitt’s Waterloo in this race.
I was expecting him to say “I like people who process oxygen into carbon dioxide” or “people who are people I just love them.”
Rick Santorum on the other hand is going after the POTUS and I understand why. It makes him look presidential or at least it looks like he is attempting to be presidential looking but I think Bob Shieffer tested those waters a bit. He seemed shaky holding that mantle there on Face the Nation. Yet it was smart politics in light of Mitt going on about his love for his home state. Mitt appears desperate and Santorum appears with it or at least capable of getting with it.
I am going to stop the guessing game for now as this thing plays out because it is definitely interesting. All the positioning and the money. They are even pontificating a RNC where no one wins and they appoint someone like Jeb Bush to take the baton and run with it. I would say this is beyond the realm of reason but with Romney spending the kind of money it is reported he is spending and down in the polls the way he is nothing can be out of the picture.


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