My Mind Hole: Like Wild Geese from the West

You know I laid down last night
And I though to take some rest
But my mind got to rambling
Like a wild geese from the west

Skip James, Devil Got My Woman

Just did a blog which made me think of another stream and then this lead to another and then the mind hole felt like it was rambling along like the Skip James lyrics above. Below is a comment I made in a previous blog:

Here is our problem in light of that and I will explore this more in my mind hole later: we humans who grew up entirely analogous, I really pity the boomers, thought, because it was the natural way of things “sure there is going to be some change in the way the music industry works but soon enough the “NEW MODEL” will become established and then things will settle down, we will all learn it, play by it, and then wham everything will become static and understandable.” Not happening.

I am blessed with adaptability and want to be able to adapt even until the day I take my last breath. The ones I refer to in the analogous sense are as lost as the elderly trying to change the television on a satellite based television. They were used to 2-3 channels and this only required the turn of a dial. So to are the people who were once confused by email, they just do not know it yet and those unable to assimilate are about to be irrelevant. So sorry, thank you for playing.

I can remember conceiving a way in which I could form a record label with a friend way back in 1998. He was an extremely talented guitar player, played on the Grand Old Opry every weekend, and had a home studio which was my greatest envy at the time. I can remember then him discounting the digital age which was coming and that analog recording would always be in demand, 2 inch tape was the standard, and much of the fuss would all pass over. This friend is no longer with us and I miss him a great deal. Looking back on that time though it seems as though I am taken back to a time almost as distant as the 1980’s where a computer was this desktop thing with a black screen, green or orange writing like Matthew Broderick used to almost cause Global Thermonuclear War. My dear friend was simply lost or oblivious to the coming revolution. I was lost as well but prepared to embrace as opposed to ignore it and pretend like things were going to remain the same. I was thrilled because I knew that soon enough I would be able to build a recording system which was computer based and have a home studio which could rival the ones I had been using to that point thus freeing me up to do all sorts of musical mischief.

And since that point I have done some musical mischief, not as much as I want, but some and plan to do a whole lot more.

The point is once you throw your hands up to the new way of doing you might as well put them down, go grab a shovel and dig you a grave somewhere. You do not have to immediately jump in but just know to go ahead and make peace with those you need to make peace with because your time is short.


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