The 2 Racist Kids in Florida

I watched the video and it was, I have to admit, difficult at best. I am not going to post any links as I usually do because I do not want to purposefully lead anyone to it. Of course you might say “well why even blog about it? Aren’t you contradicting that?” and I will have to agree and answer: I am blogging because that is all I know how to do at this point. If you want to watch it go right ahead you will have no trouble finding it.
To say I am shocked is not fair. Growing older is starting to teach me to never be surprised at anything we humans do so the racist rant these kids displayed, for the world, was not a complete “oh my gosh,” at least until it sunk in a bit.
I am sure you have heard or read about it.
The things they said were terribly insensitive and insulting to many people. I have even watched some response VLOGS and am gathering a sense of where this is all going to lead and why Singularity is going to be much more shocking in the years to come and this is one small, yet powerful example.
20 years ago the awareness of these kids and their beliefs would have been limited to those around them and even those around them might not have been aware of the extent or theme of them. Now the entire world has immediate access.
What does this issue have to do with Singularity?
If this had happened 20 years ago it would have been limited to a few people, maybe. Even if someone 20 years ago had thought to video tape them going on about African-Americans in a racially insensitive fashion it would still have been limited and had a very small viewership. Fast forward to now and the entire WORLD gets to witness your thoughts as a 14-year-old.
Here is where freedom and speech, bad choices, being a kid, and singularity collide.
If you had told me in 1994 we would have the ability to broadcast our thoughts, High Definition digital video quality thoughts, to the world at large I would have been hard pressed to believe it. Now it is commonplace. So much so that people are used to the idea. I am not sure these girls really grasped the power their words were having. Maybe they were and the most explosive video has them reading their hate mail they had received for previous postings. It appears to me they were deriving some joy from the attention.
They should have never done what they did. It is their right to be as base and cruel as they want with their thoughts and words no matter how much we do not like them or disagree with them. It is also their right to post these thoughts it just wasn’t that great of an idea and they are now seeing the repercussions of them now and most likely for a long time to come. One VLogger posited “forever” and I hope, for the sake of the future of a 14-year-old, not.
Singularity comes into play because now anyone is capable of sitting down in front of their computer, ranting on about something and simulcasting or, at a minimum, posting it immediately after they are done. The world can then immediately view it and if someone downloads it or rips it from You Tube it exists in the world, unfortunately for these two kids, forever. The best they can hope for at this point is a large piece of anti-matter to brush up against the world and begin devouring it, a huge comet to nail us, or some other earth shattering catastrophe to happen because this is the only way the awful video of them will be removed from the internet and the conscious of America and possibly the world.
They have received death threats and this is wrong but expected. At 14 you do not realize the impact you can have in this world and Singularity only magnifies that. The commercial where people have a T-shirt which describes who they are on the front is not so foreign in light of this.
As we move faster and progress our thoughts and beliefs will be more on display than ever. Maybe the good of this is that we can have open discussions across the country and react to this with reflection and honesty.
I hope the kids apologize for this and I also hope no one gets hurt, not over words or ideas.
No matter how ignorant or mean-spirited they were.

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