Requiem: A Poem


All the children out there on the road and aloft in the streets
Jamming needles and whiffing rails
Reaching for what will not come or was never there
They do abide with a restless slumber
Nightmares shake their steps and haunt their waking
Upon the widening gyre
All has come undone
The beast turns its head to rise on the burnt out offering of a new Bethlehem
Chaff of the field torched over
The earth beneath it cannot hold the sad tidings and has been irradiated by them
No more will grow here
There will be no song for the burial of the spirit(s)
There is an endless pyre upon which we sacrifice ourselves
The flames lick us greedily to taste our skin
To kiss our hot tongues and take our dream
Into the abyss we look back to others and our vacant stare
Pulls you into our pupils
Into their depths to die with us
As the flames pull us down to dance out our last reckoning
A whimper poof as we are charred to dust
And blow across the treetops singing with the wind
A requiem so sad the robins hide beneath the wing.

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