Stumbled Upon this…

I found this completely on accident and could not help but share it below.
It came from here:
Submitted by JackRKirby on Sep 20, 2009.

My old girlfriend had Dissociative Identity Disorder – multiple personalizes. One of her alters was created from whatever part of the brain controls dreams. Her name was Shy. She remembers a time before she had consciousness, before she could come out and talk. If Freud had been right – Shy would have been pure superego She hardly ever spoke and used to write anything she wanted to say in a little pink notebook. She had beautiful cursive handwriting, and wrote so slowly that it would drive anyone nuts. She had no malice towards anyone, even her rapists and abusers. She was at peace with her small existence, and understood what would happen when her brain would start functioning better and she would die. One night we were having dinner with some friends. Shy was eating with us. We started talking about God. Finally we asked Shy
“Is there a God”
Shy thought carefully for a moment. The table went silent. Finally, she smiled and carefully wrote her answer and showed us her notebook.
Then she thought for another moment, leaned across the table and whispered her first words in months.
“But there should be.”

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