Back from the Abyss

I have had a bunch on my mind lately…I guess that makes me a rarity (wish I knew how to make that new snazzy sarcasm symbol which I think is basically the upside down “?”) Note to self: Learn that this week. None the lesser I have been working up the parts to 18 newly recorded basic tracks with the assistance of two of my most favorite drummers in the world, Joshua Mallard (NashVEGAS) and ARKansas’ own RJ JUKES. I also have about 8 more I want to throw into the pot. I am also working on a new guerilla campaign and am going to do a total revision on how I spread the word. As I have stated in the recent past I am abandoning fully the quasi traditional paths I have taken and will be heading more towards MUSIC 3.0 which I think I have totally invented by the way (Again I need to learn that symbol this week). I also had a hand in producing a tribute album of a very dear person who passed far too soon. I will have much more information about that forthcoming as I do not want to let the cat out of the bag on that one too soon. I am also going to record another Tribute for another person who is no longer with us. The first one will be a pretty awesome compilation with some of the best players I know on it. The second aforementioned one will just be me (insert sarcasm symbol) OH JOY.

I am really starting to see a clearer path to this thing and am re-reading the incessant words I save in my incessant journal-ing I tend to do. One quote in particular is attributed to Kurt Vonnegut’s son who said “I am pretty sure the reason we are all here is to help each other through this, whatever this is.” I think I paraphrased that but I am still close enough to Rock N Roll on it I think.

I have a great deal of music in me and am blessed with so many beautiful and talented souls that I cannot bitch nor complain much. Besides it would do NOT one whit of good. I seem to have helped stir a bit of controversy by being included in a Bob Lefsetz Leter email update, first I am honored, second I stand by every word I wrote. I am vaguely familiar with the original subject, the lead singer of Cracker guy, and I did actually take the time to read his long, ass, whatever you want to call it, maybe not screed, but that stuff was a long read. And at the end of the day I still think he totally misses he point, which is with all his fancy words and “eloquence”, whatever that means, he is like the foreman at the buggy whip factory circa whatever year the auto took over. Get over yourself and make some great music. I am not saying you have not made some great tunes, you obviously have done it much more than myself. At leas from a sales perspective but at the end of the day you cannot not move forward. I do believe Mr. Lefsetz is correct about one thing and that is this: Great music does its thing well. Keep making it. Also there is a great blog by the  former lead singer of the Verve Pipe and this guy did what he had to do. And honestly no one is saying David Lowery is not but he could show us and just not tell us about it.

OK I am done for now just know these things will be happening with me:

1) I am getting my keyboard fixed this week because my “T” key keeps sticking and also I am going to get that sarcasm thing working as an add on

2) You will see some new approaches on my part in the coming months to promotion and touring

3) I will get back to blogging more. Sorry for the absence I just felt I had more to think over than write over if that makes any sense


And what the world needs now…to borrow a phrase…is less complaining and more doing. And also I do not always agree with everything the man writes either but he bats really high up there in my book and is usually dead on.

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