Proof that I am not a John Mayer HATER

I posted this on my old Myspace Blog site almost 4 years ago to the date:

Originally posted on July 2nd, 2008
John Mayer: I just don’t get the FLACK this boy gets!

Current mood:confused
Let me credit this with the fact that I have not listened to commercial radio for a LONG TIME!
I have heard some people say some disparaging things about John Mayer and I just don’t get it. I understand that many “blues purists” are angry because he is getting blues credit and somehow angry that he does not deserve it.
From where I sit this cat has or had nothing to gain from getting into and supporting the blues as he has done. He could have went on his merry way and continued making the same thing he did on his first album, which was one of the last things I remember hearing on Lightning 100 (NASHVILLE) before I left there in 2003.
I wrote him off with the slew of other singer songwriters of the time, post 9-11 boys, and then I dropped out of listening to radio and not because I was affronted, VOLKSWAGON radios are hard to replace!!!!!
And lets face it I am not John Mayer!

But from my side of the house, after actually properly listening to his newer things, due to someone I love loving his pretty self, I considered what he does.
Here is goes:
1) He understands the Blues or he would not still be at the level he is
2) The boy (man-child) can play that guitar
3) Bless Him for making acknowledgment of something that was not “cool” to the general public.

The cat gets it and that is all I have to say about it!

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