Stumbled Upon the Future

If you want to get your mind completely blown away check this out.

I stumbled upon this doing one of my many searches about he coming singularity and was absolutely astounded. This site, granted, is very speculative but what it does is offer a timeline of the future, with some very not so pleasant and some very encouraging things which lay in store for humanity or what is left of it after all is said and done. If this model is even close to correct earth is in for some things unimaginable.

I will recap some of the things which struck me as an American:

* Goodbye SW USA. The Mexicans will eventually lay claim back to you in about 2082. And good riddance by the way because you will be mostly desert by then. But seriously the US took California, Texas, NM, and Arizona from them anyway.

* Our military is going to be up to some SCI-FI movie type stuff. Mainly things which make unmanned drones and GPS strike capability look like paper, rock, and scissors. Invisibility and missiles that fall from outer space are just a couple.

* Everyone will be moving to the North. Apparently due to climate change if you live below he Mason Dixon Line you had better be prepared to move or be very resourceful.

*They are even predicting some WWII soldiers will still be alive to commemorate the war’s 100 anniversary. Hmmmf!

And as a general human on this planet

* The merging of man and machine

* AI technology which will serendipitously take over the whole shooting match by the 23rd century.

* The world is basically stay on the brink of total destruction

* Urban areas are going to become even more URBAN with sky scrapers spanning city blocks and reaching thousands of feet into the sky. They will also house millions of residents and most will never have to leave the complex. Sounds exactly like Soylent Green. Not cool.

* They claim that most people born in the 1960’s have a real shot at seeing a life span of 200 years. WOW!

* Remember the Terminator? You are going to become him on some level.

These and many more earth shattering predictions can be yours for…well… free if you have internet access which I assume you do if you are reading this.

*** One final caveat: if these words somehow make it into the future where humans can do just about anything could someone please make sure and bring me back in some way so I can see it. I am not opposed to one of those synthetic bodies you have in your future. Thanks


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