Bring in the Clowns

I have had time to absorb both the RNC and DNC. Fact checkers can run amok about how close either side hit at least middle on the needle of truth. To be honest, from where I sit, both sides lauded some pretty large zingers which might have some possibility to fire up their respective bases yet fall flat on their face when the flash light of fact shows the smoke and reflects back in the many mirrors propping the whole thing up. It’s what they do and it is to be expected, from both sides.
President Clinton obviously carried both conventions by giving perhaps one of the greatest speeches I have ever personally witnessed. It was that darn good and probably pretty close to spot on with its obvious leanings into hyperbole, which too is to be expected.
Yet what is becoming more and more obvious is the rift which keeps heading towards chasm level within the GOP. I am not, by any means, lamenting this because frankly I think they have lost touch with reality for the common person. The Reagan mythology which so many of them love to cling too, were the man alive and attempting to steward the GOP, would fall flat on his face in the climate so many fringe lunatics, who now divide the party, have created and refuse to pull away from.
Interesting to me is how they have lulled the Tea Party into their demise. I could see it coming even back in 2009 when they were pulling the party too far off messages which relate to the common man. Mike Lofgren saw and sees this too. And just by chance you are not familiar with the man let me simply put it like this: this fellow is no lightweight in GOP circles. If he were a football icon Vince Lombardi would not be an unrealistic analogy.
Yet they persist on and will persist on until common sense prevails within their ranks. President Clinton very clearly pointed this out and spoke to one of the main reasons that the Obama administration has been stalemated and cut off at the pass so many times. Their unwillingness to compromise, on any issue, has lead us to where we are. President Clinton was able to reach across to the common sense leaders of the GOP in his days because statesmanship requires this of both sides in order to work effectively. This is not even in the game plan and it has hurt the GOP much more than they are willing to admit.
Can Romney win? I don’t think so. Will it be close? Yes.
Yet in the end it will be up to the coming leadership, Jeb Bush, and those yet only piercing the horizon, to Shepherd the party back to an “everyman’s Party” and not the fringe it has become.

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