Singularity: Piercing the veil of Rock Stars and Beyond

Ok first Check out this on FB: Awkward Band and Musician Photos
It is burst a gut funny. But beyond the humor it leads to an interesting aspect of the coming singularity. The page itself is a spoof page meant to be funny and illicit humorous comments and LULZ. I can see several thousand Memes sprouting from the volume of this page alone and it has just gotten started. But what is really interesting to me as an observer is the exchange I found below:

It is the FB fan site of one of the bands who are awkwardly portrayed on the FB site. They are getting flack from people on their own site which 20 years ago, first would have been unheard of, and second not possible due to the lack of media resources. Now one can simply create a FB site and the entire world can join in on the tomfoolery. My point is not to make fun of anyone’s awkward photos. I probably have a few hundred of them myself. The point is the access people have to share these sort of experiences which, 20-30 years ago, would have been limited to “yeah those guys suck” or “that one guy looks sort of odd” and never left a person to person or group conversation. Now the whole world is privy to the conversation and it surely pierces the veil of being a ROCK STAR. Perhaps that is just what it has always been: a veil. Granted some bands are just better than the other 4000 gabillion others but that is not the point either. This band King Kobra, who apparently were somewhat noteworthy, have had to delete comments from people who are just after LULZ or are being honest. Rock Stars never had to contend with that sort of nonsense back in the day.
Which leads me to wonder this: if Rock Stars are susceptible to this type of shenanigans who is really safe from this type of public scrutiny? Again I might be making a mountain out of a mole hill or a dung heap but seriously are we not moving towards something? People’s ability to shred a conception of FAME at will in a few keystrokes has to be downright horrifying for those running the smoke machines and the guys holding up all the mirrors and even more so for the guys paying them.

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