The Doctor said What? : Tampa Doctor Accused of vile mistreatment of Down syndrome

So I am flickering through FB when a post strikes my eye. It is on a friend’s wall and it reads just like this:


I am an immediate skeptic, the usual half of what you hear and none of what you hear type, and started my usual Google Sleuthing. All the results I got at the time were apparent re-postings of the same post above, all over varying FB pages. There were a ton though.

Then I noticed the Google searches were coming back with a bit more validity. Then I found this blog post.


And then this in the comment section:


This person is apparently very real and I immediately found her FB page with this post:


This appears to be true. I will await the report to come back but I am going to say that “my gut”, even without Nate Silver precision, tells me it is going to come back ACCURATE.


If it is accurate what is to be done to the physician named above?

I can imagine parents and relatives of disabled children everywhere thinking it not a bad idea for him to be run out of town on a rail, or worse. I can imagine fates worse than death for someone who could be this cruel. Could he lose his medical license? I doubt it but he should.

Here is the point we miss so many times in out civilized, wired or even better, wireless society: we can mete out the punishment ourselves, and no I do not mean violent action, harassment, or anything even remotely illegal. If Anonymous has taught us anything it has taught us that power is within our grasp. Information is power and when properly focused, aimed, and fired it can land devastating blows, though figurative, often times just as painful psychically.

If this man said these words about this child, I am not saying he did, but if he did, then there needs to be a pulling away from his clinic and services the likes of which it is so fast that the next galaxy over can hear the sucking sound. And when he has lost his business, because the people have refused to stop coming, and he has to work at another place the people find out who runs that business and refuse their services and call all their administrators and make posts all over the internet and utilize their freedom of speech to say that this man is unacceptable. Then he will feel the pain he deserves.

He should be made to do a penance. What penance? I am not sure. I am probably not the one qualified to make it up but if I were it would include voracious public apologies, public service, and proof that he is willing to learn a new way of doing and do so, immediately. This man is a doctor so I am not sure what part of the equation he did not get in medical school or just simply did not learn in his travails being a human being but the time is now for him to change.

What if he chooses to refuse? He sounds arrogant enough that this might be a possibility. I mean why on earth would someone make such a comment if they did not feel an abundance of arrogance coursing through their veins? Even if someone thought in this manner I can only see some terrible dysfunction in ego being the source of them having such a FILTER Malfunction. 

If he refuses to make this right, to submit himself to the scrutiny, and make himself a better sentient being? Let the dogs have him.

But what we fail to realize, as a people, is that we hold all these scenarios in our collective hands. When a wrong is done we as a people can affect great change. Merely railing on FB or the Interwebz is just a beginning. We can move mountains if we all get on the same accord.

Power to the People

Don’t forget.