Rest in Peace Philip Seymour Hoffman and Everyone else Calm Down!

I was as shocked as any normal fan to hear of the tragic loss of this great actor. It is always so sad to hear someone who has gone off the rails and falls back into their disease. And it is much sadder to learn they also have children who will grow up without a father. But it seemed innocuous enough when I made a mere comment, about an article on Esquire magazine that the piece they did, just a few hours after it was announced Hoffman had died, missed the mark to me. Oh I should have known better.

Read comment section of the article.

I will not labor anyone’s mind by going into this but let’s just say that my comment was not met with pleasure. I simply thought, out of respect for the man’s family, the writer could have waited on talking about the dirty details and how troubled the actor was and instead just let him be dead in peace, at least for the first 24 hours postmortem. Apparently I am a “bleeding heart who is pretentious”, “Ignorant” for not understanding the article’s intent, which I did, and “weird” for stating that there were children out there who are missing their father and probably very sad. I know there are trolls on the Interwebs but I suspect the “top commenters” on Esquire are a paid hit squad used to immediately attack anyone who comments are unfavorable about an article. Either that or they are just a cult of boring trolls who feed off one another for lack of something better to do. Nevertheless I removed my comment. 

Then I noticed reoccurring themes in other places. I cannot remember when a star’s death was so immediately divisive, I mean this is still so fresh that just now, at 4:00 p.m. CST, a full day has passed since his body was found. All over FB and Twitter people were vacillating between remorse, out and out disdain for the manner in which he died, and any other angle. I think I was finally pushed to write this after my comment “what a waste of an Awesome Human” was responded to with “He wasn’t too awesome he put a needle in his arm.” Which leads me to this. Addiction is not a “shaming” sport and those who engage in such do not understand the nature of it. I believe that it is no different if Hoffman had died of diabetes and people were all over the web commenting “yeah he should have stayed away from the jelly doughnuts” or “that is what he gets for drinking Coca-Cola.” Addiction is a disease and not a failing of character.

So all you folks out there…stand down on this one unless you are ready to feel some heat.

Rest in Peace Philip Seymour Hoffman and Fare the Well.