Steve Perry (Journey) returns to the stage

There is not that much good news in the music world these days. At least from a true performance standpoint with so many bands playing to click tracks and outright lipsyncing to a half filled stadium or a bunch of people jumping about in throngs and surrounding one guy with a turntable. Where did our live performers go? I know they are still out there but none are packing stadiums.
Then out of no where, out of left field, maybe even further back where the really big hitters drop homers into the street, walked Steve Perry. Who expected this?
And can he still deliver? Oh yes indeed! And he picked a very cool band, EELs, to come back out with. At least with the EELS you know they are going to be doing actual music and not a virtual performance propped up by backing tracks and dancers to distract you from the lack of music. The video evidences this. The man can still wail!
Here is what it makes me wonder: is this a sign that live music still has a place or was this the swan song everyone has been waiting for?