Why thinking of Amy Winehouse makes me cry

Every time I watch this I get teared up and happy at the same time. What you have on the surface is a clip of Amy Winehouse rocking the fire out of Valerie with just her voice, her awesome presence, and an acoustic guitar player nearby. If she was still with us I would just smile and be like “wow she is the real deal, the truth” because folks, as any performer knows who is capable of rocking it with an acoustic, there is no faking that. But she is not and it hurts my heart and heals it back up hearing her inflect ‘Lawyer’ and you can hear the dub set Jamaican influence I am starting to catch more as I listen. The British kids are always hipper than we are about music. We are more soulful but they have the edge on pure musical immersion.
Like the last drop of ice cream in the bowl or the last little bit in the package you pine for knowing there “ain’t gonna be no more.” And this is what the clip does. There will be no more new Amy Winehouse. Sure she left us some gifts but we will never get to see her struggle, conquer her demons, and come back stronger. Imagine the music that would have poured out that girl!
I am going to listen again for the 20th time today and encourage you to as well.
Amy you are missed everyday.


Amy Winehouse did not OD

Amy Winehouse’s toxicology reports released
The world, I am sure, is recoiling in shock that Amy Winehouse did not overdose. I kind of suspected that those who said she had been clean were telling the truth because they themselves seemed so at a loss for why she had passed where before they had publicly pleaded for her to get straight.
At the end of the day, as I will maintain forever, we have lost a great talent far, far too soon. Regardless of the reason of her demise the world missed out on some great music and in these times, as in all times, the world can always use it to soothe its soul.

Amy Winehouse update.

Her death has been ruled inconclusive by the coroner and the world will have to wait for the usual month long analysis of the toxicology. At the end of the day it still only means one thing: The world has witnessed yet another great talent gone all too soon. When an old blues cat passes it is sad yet they got the opportunity to release a body of work that we can all look back on and admire it at the breadth and greatness of its prolific strength, Ms. Winehouse will not be afforded that opportunity.
The work she left us is stunning to say the least but as a fan I would have preferred to hear her release much, much more, even bad stuff, because I would bet the next pay check I get that she would have struck upon some amazing stuff and the world would have been better for it.
Those who will be responsible for ultimately milking this tragedy I only hope one thing: do not turn her great talents into a mockery, please!
Either handle the things the world has not heard with care and due diligence or don’t release them into an endless array of re-mix mess. She deserves better and in the long run your candor and good judgement will only honor the memory of a great songstress who millions miss.
I am going to go listen to Valerie and might even shed a tear or two.
Elam McKnight