Oscar Snub: Driver

Good Blog Here on the Oscars
This is a really good blog which handles the Oscar nominees and, more importantly, the snubs, and most importantly, the snub of Driver.
I just watched this movie Saturday. If I had only known! Guilty is what I should be called. Guilty for being prejudice against “car” movies. I think it was the Gone in 60 Seconds and the other features of the genre which totally turned me off completely. I am so glad I jumped off my high horse and viewed this very sharp and very poignant film.
There are several reasons this film works so well. The star (Ryan Gosling) pulls off the “man with no name” character, which is far too often absent from today’s cinema. It is revivalist in that it brings to mind Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood characters of old. Driver, who is never called by his name, is at first seemingly one-dimensional but as the film progresses he becomes so very complex and powerful. This guy does more than just drive cars.
Don’t be a sucker, like me, go watch this movie, right now.