All You Need is Songs

Still reading All You Need is Ears by Sir George Martin. If you do not know who he is I am sorry…
Just kidding
He produced much of the Beatles work and is considered the “5th Beatle.”
Great book by the way.
What keeps popping up is the material.
In today’s world the Beatles would never have happened. This of course does not diminish the greatness of their work, but arguably, they were a phenomenon we will never see or hear again. Many complex systems came into play in making them become “the monolithic rock group” all others will be balanced against.
In today’s clutter they would most likely be diminished in comparison to
the clamor they caused in their own time. Again this does not diminish the Beatles talent at all.
That is what keeps popping up.
Are they the greatest group ever? The answer to that involves subjectivity.
Are they greatness personified in their musical work? Heck yes.
George Martin notes, in the flurry of activity that began surrounding him and the Beatles that with their success, that he thought “this cannot possibly continue.” He alludes to him first questioning the group’s ability to keep the great materially coming with the pace of their success. They never failed to produce. He noticed that they only got better, more focused, more creative, and more developed as songwriters and craftsmen. Had they not been up to this task we would be talking about the Beatles in the same breath as the Dave Clark Five.
(Side note I love the Dave Clark Five)
Here is the lesson. While focusing on your youtube video,facebook, twitter, and all the other accounts and apps you are using remember that they are merely functions to spread the message. They are the messenger.
The vinyl album was the messenger in its day and if, within its tooled grooves, it did not contain something worth listening to it was discarded or traded in today for value points at the hipster indie stores.
By all means do not kill the messenger. Just remember to give it something good to carry and deliver.