A Visit at Home: Went to the Crossroads

Went to the Music Highway Crossroads today in Jackson,TN and visited with Steve Patterson who is the director of the place and I can offer nothing but true praise and encourage anyone heading down the I-40 interstate by there to drop by and pay Steve a visit. I predict some really cool things will occur there.
What you basically have in Jackson is a true musical crossroads, not the one that you sell your ever loving soul at like that other guy or guys, depending how deep you dig into blues lore but a true place of genesis where some Durn good music was made and sprang from.
In talking with Steve I had one of the many experiences I have when I talk about my region with someone who can swap story for story and appreciation for appreciation when talking about the legends from this area that once lurked the earth. I seriously get shivers when talking that kind of talk folks. It means that much to me.
And that leads into a short sideline to many of you out there wanting to make music. Ask yourself this “do you get chills or shivers when talking about this thing called music?”
It utterly drives me internally. I think in the midst of all your FB friending, Tweeting, and whatever else it is that you are doing to push the music out there take time to feel back on what it is that drove you to the mad idea of making music.
It only takes an experience with one other soul who feels the same passion I do for music to let me know my heart and soul are on the right road.
I think Davy Crockett said “Make sure you are right and then go forward.”
Thank you Mr. Patterson and thank you for music: a road with true heart.
Elam McKnight