Flippers and Lost Goose Chases

OK here was the conundrum. I was trolling the internet to see if the press release our publicist had been sending out had made the waves yet and I see an interesting Google add for one of my albums. I click and to my astonishment there is someone selling my album for $47.50, which is about $34 over the price I charge online and $37.50 over what I charge in person from the stage. Here is a text version of how I felt:


I was pissed. I went to the ebay site and checked it out and sure enough there sat my CD (4 copies for sale) at this exorbitant and ridiculous price. Many thoughts rushed through my head. I soon discovered that people who do this are called “flippers” and they basically take an artist’s product/album and re-sale it at a greatly inflated price, kind of like ticket scalpers. What the market will bear right?

This set me to thinking and communicating with the seller who was very polite and said they would remove the listing if I wanted them too. Here was the problem: what they were doing, though bothersome, was not illegal or immoral. What to do?

It then occurred to me that this could be one of those cases of being led on a wild goose chase and by whom: myself of course. I am about to release an new album and have to dedicate my time to the thoughts and preparations for this endeavor. The market has changed, will continue to change, and will do this on a exponential rate right along with our technology. I could chose to dedicate my energies to dealing with this matter, small in comparison to the task at hand, or dive full and headlong into new solutions which address and go to the heart of situations like this.

You see my mother told me a long time ago to pick my battles. We all have to pick our battles or what we chose to contend with. Some things you just have to let go and I am learning as an artist and more importantly, an individual human, to let most things, those which I really have little control over if any, fall to the wayside in favor of things I can at least make a healthy stab at. So what did I do?

I began focusing on trying to push my new album to all the independent record stores left out there, downloaded a new platform for getting the music out there, and stayed in contact with the handful of people who have chosen, thankfully, to help me in my new task(s). The Japanese business culture has a theory that you should do one thing daily, however seemingly small, that advances your cause. I did three today.

Rather than go chasing a goose that I never have a chance of catching I will turn to focus on the things I have in my grasp. Always remember this in any venture. You truly do chose what you attend to and this choosing can be the difference in moving further up the road or floundering in small, meaningless battles that accomplish nothing but frustrating you and holding you back.

Always ask, before doing something, when that little voice is tugging at your shirt sleeve, “what are you hoping to accomplish with this?”

The answers will astound you.

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