Worms on the Sidewalk

Oh the mind hole is working overtime today.
Just a couple of minutes ago I was walking outside and kept seeing these shriveled up leather looking things on the sidewalk. They almost looked like old pieces of shoe lace or something. On closer, not too close,inspection I noticed that they were dead worms, all shriveled up from getting baked on the hot sidewalk.
Hmmpfff I thought
Then the analogy machine started working in the old mind hole.
A large rain had come the day before and these creatures had been flooded out of the ground and sought safety on the most available surface they could, the sidewalk. Then mother nature played a trick on them by having the sun come back up and before they could get back to a new place of safety they were baked on the sidewalk.
Not fair. Not fair at all.
But then that spurned me to thinking. Where are the worms that did not get baked on the sidewalk? What made them pick the correct time to crawl back to the earth and not become a piece of shoelace?
Many of us, myself included, have been the worm sitting on the sidewalk just waiting to get baked, not knowing exactly where to go.
What do I draw from this analogy?
The only thing staying the same is the changes. Just because this one spot seems safe, or safer than the place that was once dangerous, does not mean it is going to stay that way. We have to be prepared to move and change with the changes even going back to a situation or place that was once inhospitable.And most importantly we have to know when that time is.
Perhaps I saw something there in all those dried up worms on the sidewalk. Perhaps I saw something analogous to my life or yours.
Or maybe I just saw some worms dried up on the sidewalk.

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