Using People (Continued)

Here is where I was:
I am about to write a blog about the importance of using people. That’s right I said using people. Sounds bad doesn’t it? It might just be or it might be one of the most useful nuggets you can have in your pocket. More to come

to be continued…
Here is the continuation:
When I say Using People I mean this in a very Egalitarian sense. This does not mean stealing your friend’s bank card to buy drugs, freeloader someone’s couch, or drink all their milk. Our world is ever evolving and when someone has a skill you need ask them to help you…but here is the kicker: Have a skill that can be equally traded. In other words don’t come to the table wanting to eat unless you have something to add to the feast.
I think present work, and know future work will, thrives on sharing resources and skill sets, many times for no other reward than creation itself. Don’t be scared to do things for free and also don’t be scared to get out there and use other folk’s skills where you are weak.
I met Ringo Jukes online. That sounds naughty but it isn’t. We were on the archaic dinosaur called Myspace and exchanged humorous wall posts then realized that we were both musicians and knew many of the same Memphis based musicians, some we counted equally as friends. On a whim I asked him to come to West TN and help me record my album because, you see, I am not a drummer and Ringo is a really great drummer. The result was Supa Good which is an album I am very, very proud of.
That is what you get when you share your resources and skill sets.
And to show you that or better yet let you hear that
Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD of Devil Minded WOMAN to see who is really listening.
Go ahead and have it because I know if you made it this far you at least came to this blog.
My point is the same is the old fable about the ants versus the grasshopper. The ants worked together without care for individuality but for the greater good. The grasshopper only concerned himself with what was in it for him. In the end the ants thrived and the grasshopper froze to death and the ants probably ate him later if there was anything left.
Elam McKnight

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