Negative People (redux)

Here is a new screed on even more reasons to stay away from them. We all have a tendency to spew negativity sometimes only internally but it can be an element of the human condition. Those that are in a state of constantly spewing it for the world to hear though are bad tone setters. Just like positive people are infectious, but the kind of infect you want to be around, negative people infect in bad ways. They can bring whole groups down and their observations are generally the ones that are most convenient. It is too easy to find the wrong side of things and revel in not trying. It is a form in internal resistance that they are sharing with the world because, possibly, they have low self-esteem and are troubled by it. They release this bad energy in the form of bravado that seems confident and erstwhile but unless they are immediately following their “this won’t work” or “that is not a good idea” with alternatives that they believe will work they are only giving you a window into their own hang ups. Misery hates to be alone, don’t be the one keeping it company.

Elam McKnight

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