Miley Cyrus Does #OWS

I tweeted last night:
Miley Cyrus does an #OWS video. Not sure if this is entirely a bad thing

Ok I have had time to think about it and I am not sure if it matters one way or the other. From one perspective Miley Cyrus would be instant cancer to the movement, one might say, because she will sap its legitimacy because, well, she is Miley Cyrus, SNL Whipping Girl on occasion (and very humorously I might add) and also because she is part of the 1%, maybe even the top 50 % of the 1%. Face it she’s elite!
Another might argue that the #OWS might become energized because kids who would never have become aware of #OWS will now do so because of this video. Ok I can buy that because I am going to go way out on a limb here and just assume that the average MC listener is not the most politically conscious and/or active individual. Just a hunch. But then again that spins the issue right to the above conundrum. Does #OWS benefit by an influx of many, many (face it the chick has lots of fans) new feet on the ground or do the individuals inspired by Miley Cyrus really have an ability to understand things and not think this is just some transitional Rave that Miley is going through while she smokes copious amounts of Weed?
Or will the core members, the hipsters, feel so put out by this induction of new blood that it will not be fringe or hip enough for them to carry on the movement for fear of being too mainstream? And then all the ones left will turn the whole thing into the biggest dance party you have ever seen?

Now that is me spoofing now here is me, really.

Opening minds up to new alternatives or ideas, no matter who the messenger, is the right thing to do. Another blogger insisted we not “mock Miley Cyrus but Thank Her” but I retort “I have not come to mock Miley Cyrus but to BLAME her!”
Where ya been? Did you too just wake up from a saccharin slumber to realize that the over consumption of useless products, many similar to the ones that you pumped into American Retail, are part of the problem. Did you hit the bong a little too hard and realize that this whole time you have been a mere vehicle for the plunder of the middle class?
Well thanks for waking up now bring your friends and start making some serious videos where you don’t sound like Britanny Spears being interviewed about her views on the president but where you directly speak out against the de-regulation of banks and how we can return to more regional ideas that spread the wealth of our country back out into communities and not have it centralized where only a small minority have access to it.
Ever wonder where all the jobs went? DO a WIRE on it: FOLLOW THE MONEY. They went to the same place. The money was centralized by Multi-National banks and corporations and then redistributed into countries where people will work for nothing.
Miley, Rail on them about letting the money seep back into local regions and how mom and pops businesses could form buying groups where they can compete in retail with the big boys, then let’s see whose customer service wins out.
Tell your fans to start putting their money in the local credit union or locally held banks where it can be redistributed to people on a local level and not carted off to some IVY LEAGUE IDIOT to punch into some derivative scheme that will eventually topple over and crush everyone but the bastards who created it.
I am with you sister but you are going to have to do more than some glorified DANCE VIDEO to prove it to me.
So there Miley (like you are listening) if you want to help the movement MERGE WITH THE MOVEMENT, truly! We got your back!


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