Crappy speakers and cheap headphones: A tip on mixing

If you are self mixing your project let me give you a list of audio devices that will come in handy.
An Old School Boom Box
Your Car’s Sound System
A Decent Set of Cans (Big padded type headphones)
A set of ear buds
Computer speakers

These are all great reference devices that let you hear what your mixes sound like.
They need to pop on all of these. Why?
Logically a few of these you would probably never listen to music on for the sheer sonic pleasure of listening. Make any sense?
If your mix comes through on these then you are getting somewhere or are already there.
A friend described his initial experience with the DR. Dre headphones and how crystal clear and smooth everything sounded. This would be an example of what not to reference on to see if you are getting somewhere. Same as studio monitors. Sure you want to use these in the chain but ultimately go to these other sources. Why?
Because you are not the only person who, hopefully, will be listening to your music, and guess what, they will not be, for the most part, be listening to it on a set of $300 headphones or a $1000 reference monitors. If it sounds good on the aforementioned devices it will totally rip their brains from their skulls if they do. And if it sounds great on these crappy reference devices, buddy, you are there!

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