Submitting music to blogs

Music blogs are an excellent way to get your music out there and here is an excellent blog about submitting your music to a music blog writer. I simply point to it because I think they pretty much cover it. What I want to elaborate on is one of their many great points of advice: be humble.
Common courtesy goes a long way in many things and this is no different. Always be kind and humble while dealing with others, especially if you are asking them to write about your music. It just helps to come across in this way. Send a nice email and make it down to earth. You can still BCc the email and sound genuine just make sure that you are not pushing yourself as the next big thing or that you are doing the blogger any favors, because it is they who are doing you the favor. Also when and if they do publish some links to you please respond with a simple thank you email and follow up it is so professional and most of all courteous.

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