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No this is not going to be about some Nirvana song. I just wanted to tell anyone who has been coming to this blog and wondering “what the heck man where is the content” well I have been busy. I am a working recording artist and have been releasing an album and let me tell you when one is busy doing that there is very little time to do much else. Besides the point of this blog is to throw things out there to anyone interested in DOING MUSIC in some way so most of you understand anyway. But I have decided to do something that seems to always work with me and helps me prevent procrastination. When I think of a blog idea or have that random, what I consider, noteworthy brilliant burst of epiphany (you do get sarcasm right) I will immediately blog it out. Ok
Below is proof that I have not been slagging off somewhere listening to the entire Red Hot Chilli Peppers catalog, though that would not be a bad thing.

Press/Media Reviews
“This music kicks ass, like Hill Country blues on steroids! You guys rock, but the music is blues all the way – played in a raw and intense
manner, very deep. With so many cool songs under your belt I am sure you will see the “Zombie Nation” disc on a lot of radio playlists
worldwide, congratulations.” — Przemek Draheim, National Radio (Poland)
“After considerable spins of Elam’s Supa Good, this album takes his guitar-centric songwriting up a step in both presentation and production.
While it is a trend of sorts for modern busted blues duos and trios to forego having a bassist, here it allows two walls, one of guitar, one of harp,
to occupy a large sonic window that is paved with chords, licks and riffs, setting off Tom Hambridge’s drums as the sole supplier of staccato in
this ensemble. Both Bob and Elam keep their performances tied to the songs with grandstanding happily absent, and sound like they’ve spent
the last 15 years playing their way out of back alley brawls.” — Dave Gallaher Host of Talkin’ the Blues on WLRH FM
“Elam McKnight is the future of the blues. Zombie Nation is a breath of fresh air in a sometimes stale Blues world. Elam McKnight & Bob Bogdal
march to their own beat, and that beat gets my toe a tapping and leg a moving” — Robert Lynn KSPQ-FM West Plains,Mo
“Exceptional “blues music” from the delta. Some of the best traditional blues music available.”— Delta Frank, WGLT FM, Normal, Illinois
“Just to let you know, we be DIGGIN’ this fine CD “ZOMBIE NATION” on EIGHT TO THE BAR WITH TARR! I’m having great listener response
and I’m playing every track. Keep on keeping it Blue…”— Les Tarr, Eight to the Bar with Tarr, KMFB 92.7 96.7 FM Mendocino, CA
“You did a fantastic job on your album…it’s a real smoker!”— Steve Cagle, Blues Spectrum, KVMR San Francisco, CA
“blues songs should be like this: nice tight drum beat, feat harmonica work, and then that delicious voice of Elam McKnight.” (8 out of 10 stars.)
— Geschreven door Nathalie Bauland, Maxazine (Netherlands)
“A hard but straight forward blues sound is what you can expect from these guys. With a guitar in overdrive and a blues harp that finds its way
through the fuzz box its quite easy to imagine what the sound is on Zombie Nation. Sweat-nasty, Kick-ass blues with wailing harmonica, boogie
piano and deep southern slick guitar picking is of course another way to describe it. Zombie Nation has nothing to do with the film genre
referred in the title, however it is the first and truly exceptional venture between two great blues artists. Somehow I do hope that this is the first
of many albums to come.” (4 out of 5 stars.) — Mr. Blue Boogie Billy Bop (Belgium)
“ I loved Elam McKnight’s previous release, Supa Good, but I think Zombie Nation (Desert Highway Records), his recent collaboration with Bob
Bogdal, may be even better. Let’s just call his newest release “Supa Gooder” and be done with it. McKnight’s previous three releases have all
earned raves for their originality, fire, and grit, and Bogdal’s previous release was a haunting expansion of the Hill Country sound (Under the
Kudzu). Zombie Nation sticks to the basics….no bells and whistles here…just a scorching set of blues that will rock your world. These guys
complement each other so well; you would think they were joined at the hip. Let’s hope that Zombie Nation doesn’t prove to be their only
collaboration. Seek this one out at all costs. “ — Graham Clarke, Blues Bytes
“We are faced here with a fantastic release. This “Zombie Nation” is the result of a collaboration between two exceptional blues talents. For this
cooperation, the two gentlemen for their inspiration to rummage in the great traditional Mississippi Delta blues and traditional blues sound is
covered in the Hill Country and damn! Saying ‘this combination seems to work’ is an understatement. A right up front blues sound thunders from
the speakers. Nothing of frills, hard and direct with a guitar in overdrive and brilliant harmonica work are the thread running through this album.
But what are we impressed with McKnight’s work on the quoted Resonator! alone with the bar-blues harmonica Bogdal of such an exceptional
level that we will not hesitate to put forward this CD as one of the best we have in this genre in recent years have been allowed to listen. We
can only hope that the masses with this album to explore the men go back and look for their earlier work. These bluesmen pure and our
admiration for this piece is great!” — Luc “Bluesyluc” Meert Roots Time (Belgium)
“Zombie, zombie – man there’s zombies everywhere.” Sounds like a bit of dialogue from some 1970s-era “B” movie, doesn’t it? If that were the
case, one could imagine screams of terror and maybe even a gunshot in the background. But in this particular case, that line isn’t culled from a
black-and-white George Romero flick. It’s the opening line from “Zombiefication,” one of the standout cuts on the new album from the
Tennessee-based blues duo, Elam McKnight & Bob Bogdal. Appropriately enough, that album is titled Zombie+Nation (Desert Highway
Records). And in place of shrieks of terror, we get a healthy dose of screamin’ guitar from McKnight, topped heartily with some howlin’
harmonica, courtesy of Bob Bogdal. This disc kicks with all the power of a mule gone berserk.” — Terry Mullins, Blues Blast
Press (continued)
“Album Zombie Nation, to understand is not something you have not already heard, but its expressiveness, power and above all, the ubiquitous
‘blues feeling’ overwhelmed everyone, hear what it has to offer this sincere and a great album. Their distinctive blues expression cannot leave
anyone indifferent, and for that reason, I personally am very happy that I, even I am no exception. And that’s it, no what else to add, other than
a recommendation. RECOMMENDATION: If you are not burdened with any musical barriers, if you want to let people feel that the music is
dominated by life’s difficulties. If you love the blues … the right place. On the Album Zombie Nation – Elam McKnight & Bob Bogdal we have a
unique opportunity to hear how these great musicians, interesting and impressive, fusing the fact diametrically different expressions of the
blues. Traditional Delta blues electrified Hill Coutry are really excellent and highly connected originally derived. At first hearing, everything
seems easy, but then slowly realize that everything has a much more complex and more significant meaning.”
— Mladen Loncar (Croatia)
“This is of the better blues cd, from the genre I have heard in the last few years. These two artists can share the podium with anyone in the R&
B genre… if one wants vernieuwing’ then nevertheless go for it`… Hopefully a major record label will become aware to an awesome damned
good cd! Hey, Sony, alligator, delta… why look any further. These are the real thing… right under your nose….”
— Alfons Maes – Keys and Chords (Belgium)
“Elam McKnight’s sound isn’t punk, it isn’t Hill Country, it isn’t traditional Chicago, it isn’t straight rock. But you can hear all those sounds on
“Zombie Nation”, the latest release from this native of Jackson, TN. Though McKnight writes the occasional “woman done me wrong” blues
song, he separates himself from many of his predecessors and contemporaries with thoughtful and insightful observations of today’s world”
— Jon Norton, Program Director, WGLT/Peoria/Normal, IL
“From the Mississippi River To the highest mountain in Tibet the rage of Elam embodies the true spirit of the USA. Zombies of the world, welldressed
puppets of this universe and out of your souls, it is time to discover and love the ROOTS of our civilization. Knell down and let Elam
teach us a life’s lesson…we are not worthy!”
— Alberto Rubecchi, Blues Sunset (Italy)
“I love this CD, it’s fresh with excellent musicians, I really think they put a extra twist on the blues, I spin it often on cure for the blues show, very
tight group and Elam is the best PR man for his on band, I must say Zombie Nation is one great CD, I suggest everyone check this out, I spin at
least one track every week because it keeps sounding better !!!”
— J.C. Spinner, Radio Host, WCIN in Cincinnati and WDAO in Dayton
Also notable for Zombie Nation:
22nd on the Living Blues Music Charts for June, 2011
#14 on the Blues Music Report Chart
#1 for 5 weeks in a row at WGLT/Normal/Peoria, IL
#1 on KSPQ West Plains, MO
#7 on the Aquarian Librarian list for Breakout Roots Music for the Week of May 23, 2011
Debuted at #14 on The Roots Music Report
also reached #15 on the Roots Music Tennessee Report alongside the likes of Alison Krauss, the Steeldrivers, Buddy Miller, and Joe
Charted #4 in Australia
Featured on Nationally Syndicated ‘Blues Deluxe’ Radio show
Featured on Delta Sounds, KFFA, Helena, AR
Featured on King Biscuit Time, KFFA, Helena, AR
Featured on KTEP, El Paso, TX
Bob and Elam were the IBC representative for the Sonny Boy Blues Society (Helena, AR)

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