Some People to stay away from

I realized that after I wrote that piece on Negative people there were some other character types that you might want to steer clear of. Let me preface this with I have possibly been a couple of these my own self, hey we all have flaws, and I am in no way judging other people, just observing behaviors. You can judge a behavior and not a person and your behaviors do not always make you a bad person, just sometimes they make you someone who is detrimental to creativity and or productivity. Now… on to the countdown.
1. Border line people. I am not a psychologist nor a psychiatrist but I once described some signs I saw in a person to a psychologist I worked with at a job and she immediately said “oh yeah they are a borderline, run far away.” I had a great working relationship with this psychologist and trusted her opinion because she was mostly dead on about things. Here is a trait you might observe in someone who is borderline (which means they might have a personality disorder): they raise people that they interact with as the greatest people ever, call them their best of friends, and then, after what seems like a small incident which often could be trivial, tear that person down to everyone and swear vengeance on them. They go from totally cool about that person to total full on hate. That is one of the characteristics and there are others, believe me. But what you need to remember is to stay far, far away once you notice someone who displays this pattern. They will stay in this pattern, most likely, forever.
2. Drama creators. These individuals are the folks that seem to not be happy unless they are at the center of some huge controversy. They are always in some verbal exchange with a person or groups of people who inevitably turns into drama. Again I am no psychologist but I would bet this comes from being reared in a dysfunctional environment where things do not seem “normal” unless there is a bunch of controversy. A friend of mine once shared something his grandfather once shared with him “son” he said “if you meet their family and they are nutty chances are they are nutty too.” so meeting the family and observing this will only validate any suspicions. Again kindly remove yourself from this person.
I am working really hard on keeping these blogs shorter so I will make this a continuation. Again I am not a psych person just giving you some pointers from my own observations.
Continued in part 2
Elam McKnight

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