BLOG 100!: People you should surround yourself with

This is blog #100. I have made it further than I thought I would. I have started these before and then lost focus but now I know why. I was not really married or invested in my subject matter and now I am and that subject matter is music and how to be successful at making it, promoting it, and all things I know about that are associated with it. Sometimes it is singly minded and focused just on that and other times, like this one, I give out nuggets that apply to just about anything. You are welcome. LOL!
And away we go!

1. Friends are the seasoning of life. They offer renewal from life’s struggle, stability when you feel like a ship adrift on the sea, and someone to laugh at fart jokes with. There was a time in my life when I experienced a tragedy, the subject of that is not important, what is important is that I received many phone calls from friends checking up with me, making sure I was OK, and offering their kind words to comfort me. After one such phone call I said to another person “man I really have many friends who really care about me” and his immediate response was “you are a very rich man.” To keep it simple plant the seeds of friendship, care for them, cultivate them, and harvest their rewards for a lifetime, you will truly be rich.
2. Family does not always have to be people who you share DNA with and the friend above may be your family. With your family tend it with care, spend time with your loved ones, keep in touch with them, and always let them know you love them. When the world won’t touch you with a ten foot pole your family will hold you close and be there for you. Always reciprocate this with you kinsfolk.
3. Professionals are to be sought out at all times on any project you work on. If you can afford the best use them. If you cannot either get out there and make friends who happen to be talented or start saving money. It will pay back in the quality of your work. The things you put out there to the world have to be the best representation of you and surrounding your work or including professionals in your work always insures dividends.
4. Friends who know when it is time to cut loose. I include these because it is always good to have people who know when it is time to go out and have a good time you have some people or just one person who you can be with and let things go.
5. Straight Shooters are essential to your life and also assist in your own internal discussions and decision-making. Keep these people as close counsel. These are not loud mouths but those that speak with candor whether you like what they say or not. Of course diplomacy with these individuals is always a plus but there is a huge difference in a Straight Shooter and a Killjoy. Straight Shooters put it to you like they see it for you own good. Always listen very closely when they are telling you things and use their counsel to your benefit.
6. Determined Self Starters are a great inspiration to your life. Be involved with these people and when time allows volunteer your help to any project they might have. The thing about these folks is that they are always up to something and productivity breeds productivity. Being around these types of people keeps your own inner fire burning because naturally you feel a need to explore and finalize your own goals and projects. They are the rocket fuel of life so BOOM ZOOM to the MOON!
7. Tough Guys or Solid Folk are great rocks to have around. When I say Tough Guys or Solid Folk I mean people who are consistent and weather through things no matter what life hands them. They are not the guy at the bar who will fight a chainsaw but they are also the person that will make a person really regret crossing them. The way you know who these people are is imagine that you are in an alley and five guys are approaching you and you know things are not going to go good. Now imagine you could snap your fingers and make 5 people appear in that instant to help you stay safe or kick somebody’s arse. These are the kind of people I am talking about. SIDE NOTE: these are people who you actually know, Mr. T and Chuck Norris do not count, unless you actually do know them, then I say “kudos to you, great networking!”
8.Patient and Focused people are those that are in the moment and are not easily distracted. They stay on task. Have these people as associates or when you notice this trait in someone who you hire to do work for you or help you with something keep them close like your life depended on it! When you have to push out some work they will be the asset that will come in very handy.
9. Up beat Positive people keep your head clear and your motivation level up. Besides that people like being around these types of people. Ever gone to a party where everyone is bored silly? These are parties you should leave immediately or avoid. Associate with those that keep the mood upbeat, reality based, but upbeat.
10. Successful People/Those who are where you want to be
To associate yourself with these types of individuals seems like a no-brainer but it always to surprises me tosee someone who has goals in life or a place they want to get to and then look at the people they surround themselves with and the above is absent. If you want to accomplish something better bet your bottom dollar there are people who have already accomplished what you want to and they most likely offer a road map either willingly or just by close observation of their work habits and ways of doing. These are the professionals who you also want involved in your projects. If it is a musician you need don’t hire the guy you met at a jam who is “so so” or your tracks will be just that “so so.” Get out there and mingle in the world and when you strike up a good relationship with these types or you work with them and the experience is very beneficial for you keep up contact with them and utilize them.

Someone once said, very wisely, that you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. I am all about that.

Some of these could mesh or overlap but I think this is a solid list. Stay in touch with people. Call that old friend who you have been neglectful in keeping in touch with and tell them you were thinking about them. Treat people like you want to be treated and make good relationships out there with people. It will pay off and not in dollars but with a reward that cannot be had with money. Happy 100th blog my good friends! Now get out there and do SOMETHING! (see how positive, upbeat, determined and helpful I can be)

Elam McKnight

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