Just wanted to toot my own horn a second. Reading over the Lefsetz Letter and he observes something I observed a while back here:
Below a section from Mr. Bob Lefsetz’s recent post about the RHCP. Love em but I too am scared that without John Frusciante they are not the same. Cribbing from a master as usual:

First the blog I reference above is talking about something entirely different about the point I am making here and I suggest you subscribe to the Lefsetz Letter.
Excerpt from the Lefsetz Letter:
#89 on the Digital Songs chart is “Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggi” by the Red
Hot Chili Peppers. It sold 19,523 copies this week, for a cume of 77,015, a drop
of 66% from last week. There was little pent-up demand or people don’t think the
track’s that good or RHCP fans are waiting for the album, maybe they don’t even
know the single’s out. Or maybe, without Frusciante, the Chili Peppers are

My take:
I have listened to the new RHCP track and it is very good. The RHCP’s could never sell another album and still be one of the Greatest Rock bands we have seen in the last 20 years for the reasons I talked about in my former blog. But John please re-consider and get back with the boys, just for old time’s sake, PLEASE!

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