Arnold Schwarzenegger, of all people, proves Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell and about 100 other people correct

“I just thought, This will freak everyone out. It’ll be so funny. I’ll announce that I’m running. I told Leno I was running. And two months later I was governor. What the f*** is that? All these people are asking me, ‘What’s your plan? Who’s on your staff?’ I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t have a staff. I wasn’t running until I went on Jay Leno.” Arnold Schwarzenegger (former guy who was California Governor and also played a Cyborg in the Terminator)

There you have it. It was said here in a Vanity Fair Article about the state of California’s economy. The man is obviously a lunatic mad and addicted with power. He gets off on doing stuff he is not supposed to do. Why? Because he thinks he is above many others and perhaps he is correct or at least knows something that the majority of the people in the world do not know or chose not to practice: action is the way to get something done.

Many of your progressive idealists and plan makers of today will tell you, and obviously correctly so, that you do not need a plan, just do whatever it is you want to do. The plan will develop on the fly. They also say that a plan is almost counter intuitive to doing because the plan will fall apart at the date of shipping (shipping being the day you roll forward and actually start doing what you planned).

And I do not think there could be a better example of this than Arnold. The man is obviously a complete and colossal Arsehole. But he is a confident Arsehole. Confident enough to, on the fly, announce on national TV that he was seeking the governorship of the most populated state in the USA without even really being serious. And then, two months later, he becomes the governor of that state. That is all the proof one needs to know that doing trumps planning every time.


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